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        I love the motherland, love people, love mom and dad, love my hometown - shaoxing more! "The long no water, sweet shaoxing wine." Simple and honest in shaoxing people has created a generation of great men. Shaoxing is a of the famous historical and cultural city, bridge township, the winelands, of course, is also a tourist resort.

        I love my hometown river, its green let a person enchanted, like a green and clean water. And like a wall, every one in shaoxing, guarded day and night. It clear enough to let us see the fish in the water.

        I love the hometown of the shade, it"s lush leaves open to all around, as if in to meet one another out-of-town visitors. Its branches grow again and again, as if in said to us: "you want to study well, like I grow higher and higher, the more to learn, the better!"

        I love my hometown, because it is in shaoxing people carried out the construction of the place is so beautiful. The original was narrow and the road is not flat. Only a road, there is no "sidewalk", "bike lanes" and "motor vehicle", so the traffic is very chaotic. See now of the road, not only big and very clean. Added "non-motor vehicle lanes," that"s great! Home town house is really high! Layers of buildings like a giant, standing in front of our eyes. Want to know before house wasn"t so big, always use the Chinese style tile roofs. And opposite a low wall of bungalows, look terrible, but not so spectacular!






        My hometown is beautiful, the hometown of a stream is the most worth up attachment to place.

        In spring, in the thick forest, streams "hua hua" to sing, songs of joy into the distance. Bird "chirp" over the stream, is greeting the stream sister! Look, the spring breeze mother-in-law also came here, is to stream comb my hair! The glimmer of layers of ripples, is the stream sister. Then, we came here. We send the stream sister bundles of beautiful flowers.

        Summer arrived, streams and singing a happy song, to welcome summer sister. The fiery red sun shines on the lush forest, cicadas in the trees cried, as if speaking to stream sister. The stream to the crops, see they are going to die, then, gave a drink of water. Rootstocks spirit up immediately, curved waist, as if he were to stream sister thanks! The stream is pleased to go. Autumn has come, the stream through the crops, and saw the farmer uncle is a bumper harvest this year, flattered, for she helped farmers uncle! Streams in orchard, see we are picking fruit, her naughty to fruit took a bath, fruit happily laughed, look, laugh all red in the face. A stream of happiness.

        In winter, with a thick layer of ice streams, became our "paradise". I and friends in skating together. "Look," snow!" We cried happily in the water. For a while, the snow stopped, we are a big snowman on the stream. Snowman smile more happy, to see it so happy, even we smiled happily.

        Hometown river like a kindly mother, care for us. I love you, hometown of stream!







        My hometown - Yang Village, is a very beautiful is very beautiful place, especially in spring and autumn season, is much more beautiful!

        Came to the spring, young trees are covered with buds, grass full of flowers grass, flowers everywhere, there are red, yellow, purple, white... , the breeze blowing gently, like a voice in the say "hello" with us, the grass out small head, butterflies flying in the air, like a spring so the niang in the dance. The birds are singing cheerful songs for the children. The stream of water on the bottom, you could see the fish in the river on the...

        Fall, fruit tree full of fruit, in the distance, the apple tree little sister ate a big apple, in the face with a smile of joy, face is red, like a big apple. In other under the tree, there are the children playing cheerful, some in the play skip rope, some are playing catch people, some are playing hide-and-seek, and playing touch people. The wind blow, like autumn girl in lovely children to wipe the sweat...

        Ah! My hometown is beautiful! I love my hometown, love the hometown of the spring and autumn!