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      [大学英语作文万能模板]大学英语作文:网络文明Network Civilization

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      【导语】学习英语,阅读真的很重要,多阅读一些短篇英语文章也是提高英语阅读能力的一种。下面是本站整理发布的“大学英语作文:网络文明Network Civilization”,欢迎阅读参考!更多相关讯息请关注本站!

        【篇一】网络文明Network Civilization

      As the invention of the computer, people’s life has been changed greatly, they search the Internet to know more about the world. People like to read the hot news on the Internet, and then share their opinion, but some people use the network to assault other people for the purpose of getting famous. The network civilization should be built.
      In order to be famous, some people use the Internet to say some critical words, so other people will pay attention to them, then they will be on the headline of the news. A man whose name on the Internet called Liu Jishou, he likes to make some comment on the picture which there is a girl or boy, then he uses the mean words. The more mean word he uses, the more fans he gains. This situation reflects people’s attitude toward the Internet civilization. Of course, people are interested in gossip, so they are willing to hear the bad words, their curiosity makes promotes the unhealthy network environment.
      Internet is the tool for people to communication, people can share the idea and know more about the world, but the network civilization should be on the first place.

        【篇二】失败是一件坏事吗?Is Failure a Bad Thing?

      Everybody will meet all kinds of difficulties during their lives, of course, they are willing to accept success, but the fact is that no one can win all the time, they will meet failure now and then. Fail is an unpleasant thing to face, people treat fail a bad thing. While for me, I think we can learn from failure and be a better man.
      Everyone is afraid of facing failure, because failure brings them the sense of frustration. When facing failure, people choose to avoiding talking about it, they feel that they will be looked down upon by others. Indeed, no one likes to failure anything, they want to be successful all the time.
      If people change their idea about failure, they can see the positive side. There is an old saying that failure is the mother of success, which means that people will learn from failure and make preparation for the success. So failure is not that hard to face, if people take right attitude towards it, they will gain success soon.
      In a word, failure is not a bad something, it can bring success, only if people treat it right.

        【篇三】自拍成瘾Be Addicted to Taking Picture

      Lately, I read a piece of interesting news, it said Asia has new three treasures, they are the plastic surgery from Korea, transsexualism from Thailand and taking picture from China, it is obvious that people play the jokes about these countries. In China, people indeed like to taking pictures of themselves now and then, some even can’t control themselves, some doctors call this behavior a kinds of illness.

      People like to take pictures no matter where they are. When we go to the qq zone, we can see our friends’ situations, they will send the pictures on the qq zone, so we can share their information. But as for me, I will feel it nonsense to send the pictures such the food they eat, the clothes they wear and so on. When I have dinner with my friends, the first thing they do is to take the picture instead of enjoying the delicious food.

      Now some doctors has pointed out that the behavior of being addicted to taking picture is kind of illness. People’s may forces them to take pictures every time. Some people want to attract others’ attention, so they do this. We should open our hearts, enjoy the beautiful scenery with our hearts and minds.